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Today at Brooklyn Brass & Reed we had a visit from Chris Bacas.FullSizeRender-6He called in the morning and we set up a 2:00PM appointment. He was having some issues with is Yamaha YSS875 soprano sax. FullSizeRender-10Chris was right on time. Actually a little early which I do appreciate. I operate the shop by appointment it works best for me that way since BB&R is not a retail space. I had been out walking BuddyBuddy1-1 and got to the shop at 2:00. So we put a light in the sax and didn’t see any leaks but on further inspection noticed there were 3 pads that were torn/worn and needed to be replaced. There was a small issue with some cork on various parts of the horn and that was also addressed. His Yamaha flute needed adjustmentst on the F# key. All good.

I first met Chris probably 10 years ago at a jam session at Hanks in Brooklyn.Peter Davenport and Bill Mobley ran the session but I think Bill wasn’t there this night and Chris was organizing the horn players that were sitting in. I do remember that I was very impressed with his playing. Chris is a world class tenor sax/soprano sax/flute player.  A bit of trivia here is that Chris roomed with Mahlon Hoard at North Texas state. So after I got Chris’s instruments in order he started to play some classical pieces all by memory. Bach. It was beautiful. He showed me where I could download Bach’s music for violin or cello on the internet. I would recommend getting out and listening to Chris live. He is always playing somewhere, you will not be disappointed.