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Hashim Bunch is a bass player who plays with the Hypnotic brass ensemble. Check them out here:   http://www.hypnoticbrassensemble.com

Hashim came to BB&R  www.brooklynbrassreed.com to buy an upright bass for his girlfriend who is also a bass player. I sold him a Mathias Thoma upright bass from the 70’s.

Hashim is a super positive happy dude. We got talking and he told me that he went to High School in Brooklyn. Turns out I knew his band director, Mr Nubel from Thomas Jefferson High.I had done repair work for his school. He said that Mr. Nubel was a great inspiration to him. I can totally see that. Nubel was a dedicated band director I think he might be retired now but all respect to Mr. Nubel. I think Alfred was his first name.

Hashim recently invited me to one of his shows, at the “Knitting Factory” http://bk.knittingfactory.com but I had a previous commitment . Please don’t forget me next time Hashim I would love to come here the band.

So maybe it was about six months after Hashim bought the bass that the fingerboard came off, this sometimes happens when the weather changes. So he brought it back to me and I re-glued the fingerboard free of charge just because has him is such a great guy.

There are brass players in his band and he said that he would send them over if they need any repairs.

I would also like to introduce him to a very good friend of mine Tim lefebvre http://www.timlafave.com a great bass player. I think they would hit it off just fine.

So thats Hashim Bunch great bass player and great person. He loved Buddy my bulldog too.