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saxophone overhaul


FOR SALE This is a Selmer Bundy alto saxophone in good condition This saxophone has recently been re-padded It is…


Jackie McConnell is back in Brooklyn. Jackie just finished serving 22 years and 10 months in a federal prison. He…

Martin Committee III

One of the perks of having a repair shop is that people will call the shop looking to sell an instrument.

Recently a gentleman called and said he had a Martin saxophone that was given to him when he was in 5th grade. He was 60 years old so you can do the math. He brought it over to, Brooklyn brass & Reed. I looked at the horn and told him it needed an overhaul. He said he was only interested in selling the sax because he wanted to play bass.

The Conn 6M alto sax

We recently overhauled a vintage Conn 6M alto sax here at Brooklyn Brass & Reed. These are wonderful sounding saxophones.

This was a vintage horn from 1937 with the micro-tuner neck. It was purchased at an estate sale. It even had the Conn owners manual in the case.