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Just overhauled an H&A Selmer Bundy “Special” alto sax here at Brooklyn Brass & Reed. The Selmer saxophone company contracted the Keilwerth saxophone company to makes these horns in the mid sixties. These are what is a called a stencil Keilwerth. All Keilwerth key work with rolled tone holes. These are great horns. This sax has a completey re-pad. All new Prestini premium leather pads installed. This horn plays and feels great. Sax is priced to sell at $475 plus shipping. I do not have a case for the horn but it will be packed up safely,or if you would like to come and try the sax give me a call at 718-797-4219.


Also up for sale is a Beuscher tenor sax from 1952. Nice vintage tenor with all new Prestini pads. This sax is silver plated. I do have a case for this sax but you will need a mouthpiece