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Mahlon Hoard,saxophonist /painter/artist

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMahlon Hoard is a good friend of mine and also a regular customer here at Brooklyn Brass & Reed. Mahlon is one of the finest musicians I have ever known. He just returned to the United States from an extensive tour of Europe,Asia and the middle east. I met Mahlon about 25 years ago when we both were musical directors for Premier Cruise lines.We both moved to NY around the same time. Mahlon was one of the original members of my band, redrube along with other notables,Henry Hey, Tim Lefevbvre, Zach Danziger, Bruce Saunders. Mahlon is a fine saxophonist. He does not fit the mold of the typical NY jazzer. He does not sound like he went to “Jazz college”. He sounds very original which is difficult to do these days.These “jazz colleges” are cranking out all the players who sound the same. I call it Jazz diarrhea. Don’t get me wrong they are all fine technicians and can play fast. Real fast. And they do.mahlon

Well I am glad to say that Mahlon is back but he’s not in NY yet. He is in North Carolina as far as I know.

Mahlon plays Buescher alto & tenor saxophones and a Yamaha soprano saxophone. The Bueschers he plays are both from around 1954. I have done work on both of the Buescher saxophones. Installing pads and some dent work on the tenor sax.

You can hear Mahlon play on Youtube. He does multi-phonics and solo sax playing. He is very adaptable and plays many styles. His R&B playing is the best.

Mahlon is also a very serious painter, Google him and check out his Art.

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