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Mobile Instrument Repair

Music programs in schools often struggle to keep their instruments in good working order.There is little money in school budgets for the maintenance of band instruments. Sometimes schools get grants, such as Save The Music, but these are done on a lottery system and only help a certain number of schools per year. There are some schools where the PTA covers instrument repairs, but keeping the instruments in good working order remains a problem for most music programs.

Brooklyn Brass & Reed now offers a mobile instrument repair service. A qualified instrument repair technician will come to your school and repair instruments on site. All that is needed is a small table set aside with an electric outlet near by, usually a corner of the band room works.The tech will bring a portable tool case and supplies, an assortment of clarinet pads and some of the smaller sax pads, felts and cork. The tech will work for 3 hours at your school for a pre-arranged fee. This is very economical and there are schools that use this service on a regular basis.

Repairs that are done on sight are things like tenon corks on clarinets, neck corks on saxophones, stuck mouthpieces on brass instruments,water keys on brass instruments. Straightening of bent keys on woodwind instruments. Pads re-seated on saxophones clarinet and flutes. octave mechanism adjusted on saxes and almost any other repair needed. If something needs to be soldered it would have to be taken back to the shop. Acetylene torches are not allowed in the schools.

Brooklyn Brass & Reed has been a New York City department of Education vendor for over 20 years.We will travel to all 5 boroughs to implement this service.We guarantee your satisfaction the repair tech will try and get as many instruments repaired in the allotted time period.

If you need some basic maintenance done on your school instruments call Ruben at Brooklyn Brass & Reed 718-797-4219 to set up and appointment. You will not be disappointed,

1 Comment

  1. Matt Sullivan · February 20, 2018

    Mobile instrument repair service, sounds like a great service for schools! Affordable and necessary to keep instruments functioning properly.